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What is Galao Café?

Galao Café, is an enthralling community that endeavors to fulfill you with the most ideal experience. Perfection in every way served with utmost elegance and professionalism. Our vision is to make a big community in which you can call home. Hope to see you in the family!


Recipe Guide

Please Note: 3 cup sizes are available when serving a customer. The sizes are Tall, Grande, and Large.

Please Note: You can only serve customers 3 items at a time. If you’d like to serve the customer more items or if there isn’t a lot of customers present in the line, you may serve up to 5 items.


Cup (Any size) + Milk + Cinnoman + Ice Dispenser + Blender = Cinnomon Milkshake

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Vanillia + Ice Dispenser + Blender = Vanillia Milkshake

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Strawberry + Ice Dispenser + Blender = Strawberry Milkshake

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Chocolate + Ice Dispenser + Blender = Chocolate Milkshake

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Carmel + Ice Dispenser + Blender = Carmel Milkshake


Cup (Any size) + Milk + Microwave + Cappuccino = Cappuccino

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Microwave + Mocha = Mocha

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Microwave + Espresso = Espresso

Cup (Any size) + Milk + Microwave + Regular = Regular

Available with cream and/or sugar.


Cup (Any size) + Hot Water + Tea = Tea

Available with sugar.

Ice Cream:


Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl





Birthday Cakepop

Vanilla Cakepop

Strawberry Cakepop

Chocolate Cakepop

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sugar Cookie





Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  • All staff must utilize appropriate grammar and punctuation while at any Galao game.

  • Trolling will bring about consequences depending upon the severity.

  • Exploiting will result in a ban and will otherwise, need to be dealt with by the Disciplinary Department.

  • Bypassing the chat filter will bring about consequences depending upon the severity.

  • Everybody in the game is to be treated with respect.

  • Spamming in the game will result in being kicked from the server.

  • Advertising any different groups/games/ isn’t permitted (discussing different groups such that isn’t advertising is completely fine).

  • Spamming will result in being kicked from the server and is not at all permitted.

  • Refrain from talking bad about other groups or other people.

  • Raiding will result in immediate banishment from the game and will otherwise, need to be dealt with by a Chief Operations Officer+.

Rank Description



Someone who has joined the group to show further support. They have the opportunity to apply to work at the café if they please by taking an application in the application center.


Members with this rank have violated Galao’s Terms of Service in some way. This rank may be temporary or permanent.

Valuable Customer

This rank holds the honorary members of the group. These people include former MRs or HRs, well-known members, or people who have invested in the group one way or the other.

Allied Representative

This rank holds our fellow representatives from allying groups.

Low-Rank (LR)

LR’s provide service to fellow customers and ensure the customers/guests are being respectful. Any misbehavior must be sent to an MR+. LR’s are also known as ‘Lower Ranks’.


Trainees have taken an application and passed. Although this is the case, they may NOT work at the café until they pass one training session and become a Junior Barista.

Junior Barista

As a new member of the LR Team, Junior Baristas are expected to serve drinks to customers in a professional manner. This rank can be attained by attending and passing one training session.


Baristas are second-highest barista rank and that can officially serve customers. Baristas are expected to serve drinks to the customers in a fast and professional manner.

Senior Barista

Senior Baristas are the third-highest barista rank. They have worked exceptionally hard to attain this rank and have shown great dedication to the group. Senior Baristas are required to serve drinks to the customers in a fast and professional manner.

Head Barista

Head Baristas is the highest LR rank that can be attained through training sessions. They are expected to be able to serve customers quickly with utmost professionalism. They will also be watched carefully by the MR+ team for a chance to become a Staff Intern and possibly become an MR. Activity, dedication, loyalty, and respect play a key part in that decision.

Staff Intern

Staff Interns are personnel who were selected to become a possible addition to the MR team. A Staff Intern’s job consists of normal barista work. They are also responsible to learn the workings and operations of the group and are permitted to spectate during sessions (view Staff Intern Spectator Guidelines) as they undergo a 1-week trial.

Middle-Ranks (MR)

MR’s oversee the roles below them and ensure that they are following the guidelines of the community and help in completing day to day operations. They are also known as ‘Medium Ranks’.

Staff Assistant

As a new MR, Staff Assistant is the rank which is attained immediately upon passing internship. They perform similar tasks to Staff Interns, but can fully assist in sessions. They also have moderator permissions at all of our games.

Assistant Manager

As the second MR rank, an Assistant Manager worked really hard and was promoted from Staff Assistant. They can now host shifts and training. They also have moderator permissions at all of our games.


As an MR rank, Managers worked really hard and were promoted from Assistant Manager. They will be overseen and supervised by our higher ranks. Their next promotion will be significant, therefore they should remain active, and be prepared to answer questions about training sessions, recruitment sessions, and other inquiries. They also have moderator permissions at all of our games.


As an MR rank, they worked really hard and were promoted from Manager. Supervisors usually oversee a Staff Intern and make sure whether or not they would be ready to become an MR. They also have the ability to host training sessions and shifts. People with this rank are given moderator permissions at all of our games.

High-Ranks (HR)

HR’s oversee the roles below them and ensure that they are following the guidelines of the community. They also help in managing day to day tasks of the group. Also known as ‘Higher Ranks’.

Administration Team

As new HRs, they worked exceptionally hard and were promoted from Supervisor. They make sure that all regulations and operations within the group are being followed. They will get to decide whether they wish to go down the Communications or Staff path. They will also get to weigh in on promotions, and numerous other large decisions in regards to the group. People with this rank have administrative commands in all of our games.

Unattainable unless you are hired as a Developer.

Although personnel with this rank are developers for the group, they have the same privileges as an Administration Team. It all depends on what the developer prefers.

Chief Communications Officer

A Chief Communications Officer takes charge of all alliance and partnership inquires. They also take responsibility for hosting events. They make sure the image of the establishment is good. People with this rank have administrative commands in all of our games.

Chief Staff Officer

A Chief Staff Officer is in charge of all staff. They provide rules and regulations that must be followed by all staff members. They also take charge of suspensions, bans, promotions, demotions, and inactivity notices. Working with a Chief Operations Officer is always expected. People with this rank have administrative commands in all of our games.

Chief Operations Officer

A Chief Operations Officer is the head of all procedures and functions of the establishment. All MRs and HRs answer to them. If any MR or HR requires help, they may request the aid of a Chief Operations Officers. They are known as the highest HR rank. People with this rank have administrative commands in all of our games.

Senior High Ranks (SHR)

SHR’s oversee the entire group’s operations and make executive decisions based on the situation of the group. Understandably, they hold the most power in the group. They are also known as ‘Senior Higher Ranks’.

Corporate Director

A Corporate Director’s main task is to make sure that all decisions made by the President and Vice President are executed to its fullest extent. They also collaborate with the President and Vice President on any ideas for the establishment.


The Vice President assists the President in their general duties and ensures that the President’s agenda is carried out and implemented. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President assumes the mantle of authority for executive meetings and the executives as a whole. (Soon, this rank will be given based on an election. More detail will be given in the future.)


The President holds the most power and authority other than the Founder and provides leadership to the establishment and group as a whole as well as the executives. (Soon, this rank will be given based on an election. More detail will be given in the future.)


The Owner and Founder of the establishment.

Alliance Information & Application

Alliance Rules

Thank you for showing interest in wanting to ally with Galao Café! We are always interested in forming alliances with groups and their communities. Why keep happiness to yourself in one community when you can influence other communities as well? With that being said, there are a few guidelines and rules that must be followed as well as steps to be taken when wanting to ally with Galao Café.

  1. Your group must agree to follow the Terms of Service of Galao Café.
  2. Your group must not cause problems in our community and our communications server.
  3. Professional staff team with an excellent work ethic. We want a group with a hardworking and dedicated staff team that can represent your group.
  4. Your group must be maintaining a steady member growth.
  5. Preferably, a clean and healthy history – any issues will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Your group must be able to announce our events on a timely basis. We will also do the same.
  7. Your group must be able to send two representatives to our communications server.


  1. What is your ROBLOX Username?
  2. What position do you withhold at your respective group?
  3. Why does your group wish to form an alliance with Galao Café?
  4. What benefit would you bring to Galao Café and your respected group by forming this alliance?
  5. How did you hear about Galao Café?
  6. What do you hope to achieve with this alliance?
  7. Have any issues, incidents, or drama ever occurred within your group? Please elaborate.
  8. What methods does your group have to help strengthen the relationship it holds with its affiliates.
  9. Do you understand that any behavior categorized as immature or problematic may lead Galao Café to void this alliance at any time?

It is required that your application is in Google Docs. To submit your application, send it to our Chief Communications Officer or Chief Operations Officer.

Ban Appeal Information

In-Game Ban

If you have been banned from our games, please note that the reason falls under you not following our Terms of Service. To get unbanned, make a ticket after 15 days in our communications server. It will then be evaluated by the Chief Staff Officer or Chief Operations Officer.


Blacklists are permanent and will not be retracted unless otherwise, the reason is invalid.

Head Barista Promotion Tips

Head Barista Promotion Tips

  1. Be an active member of the community.
  2. Work actively in the café.
  3. Use good grammar and punctuation.
  4. Be professional at all times (especially when dealing with customers or guests).
  5. Do not hint.
  6. Attend training sessions regularly.
  7. Have a good image with your fellow co-workers.
Staff Intern Spectating Guidelines

Staff Intern Spectating Guidelines

A Staff Intern may only spectate during training sessions.
Please note that spectating does not contribute to a promotion. Only working in the café does. The main purpose of spectating is to have a close up of how MR+ train during sessions.

  • Do not go AFK during a training session. In the event that you must go AFK, please let an HR (depending on the availability) know. If no HRs are available, please let an MR know.
  • Maintain professional behavior during the training.
  • Do not act in-charge of lower ranks. Remember that you are there as a spectator for the session.
  • Do not correct any errors made by a trainee (Trainee- Junior Barista) during a training session.
  • To remember that you are spectating to learn how training sessions function and only that.
  • Keep a relatively good distance from trainees and trainers.
  • Do not interrupt the general operations of the training session.
  • To have fun! This is a learning experience and the very first steps in you becoming an MR! Remember to enjoy it and remember it!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a training session schedule?

Yes we do. Our training sessions schedule is at 5:00 PM EST | 10:00 PM GMT.
(More sessions will be hosted as the group progresses but for now, there will only be one training session daily.)

How can I get a job here?

As a customer, you can get a job by taking an application at our Application Center! Good luck!

How can I get ranked up?

The only way you can get ranked up is through attending training sessions and by attending shifts. Promotions are sometimes given during shifts so keep that in mind the next time you wonder if you should attend a shift. :grin:

Can I spectate a training session?

Only a Staff Intern is given the choice of spectating or not. If you are a Staff Intern then please read the Staff Intern Specataing Guidelines.

I’m a Trainee, how can I get promoted to Junior Barista?

As a trainee you have passed your application. To become a Junior Barista you must attend one training and pass it.

How can I get promoted from a Staff Intern to Staff Assistant?

You must have spectated at least 3 training sessions, maintained excellent behavior in the café and during training, and have an overall good image within the community. You also have to successfully complete your 1-week trial.

How can I help support Galao Café?

By simply playing our game or even getting a job! If you’re feeling generous maybe consider a donation! All funds are used for, advertisements, development, and to make everyone have a better experience within the community and group as a whole.




Training Center

Application Center

Galao Café’s handbook was composed and is effectively kept up by Hamada25, the Founder of Galao Café.

All rights reserved.