Galaxy-Café Update Suggestions

Hello as some of you already know I am the Owner of Galaxy-Café And we have had some improvement over the few months Heres my Profile Ash (Owner) I want some idea on how to improve my game more Here’s the game check it out! Galaxy-Cafe (Game) So how would I improve this? Let me know!

  1. Game icon just doesn’t feel right. It would be better to actually relate to the Cafe build itself, than just the “Galaxy” theme.
  2. UIs look bad and feel unnecessary, I’m not experienced much with the refining of UIs either so I’d say to just remove 'em.
  3. The Cafe itself just doesn’t feel like the quality you would expect from a Cafe Game. I could make the exact same Cafe building in 10 minutes, and probably anyone could.

As much as I hate to say things you seem to be far from ready to master, I just feel necessary to tell you that you need a lot of improving to do before you can be a serious competitor to other Cafes. Don’t take this all as an insult, see as room for improvement

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This needs efforts and great logo design. I’d say it needs more efforts.
The building was too simple, likely other cafes has windows and kitchen like that.
It needs uniform and it requires some tables. You need designs on building instead making the floor wood, it looks old style

What are those…

The sign are too small, also the outside should be has design, like theres path.

Can you send some screenshots and descriptions of it? I don’t think it’s very nice to just send a link without any guides…

I agree, I do notice I need WAY MORE improvement but I just can’t hire anyone that’ll work for free to teach me. I’m currently really poor in Robux and money so I cant hire anyone. I don’t take this as a insult I totally agree with this. Thank you for the suggestions every day I’m trying to Improve. Me and my server will defiantly take this into consideration and will improve in the late future.

I agree like the other guy @TomskiKiller I do have a really simple design and in my disco server my developers say They can make it better and when I hire them they do NO work, We are always trying to improve in the late future. Thanks for you’re opinion and Suggestions me and my server will talk.

Building style just isn’t good, I recommend watching some YouTubers and try to copy what they do until you develop your own style, I personally recommend DatBoiEle

Looks pretty sus to me, good thing you reported it.
Still, I have no idea what that is

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Its garbage cans I should have made them look better ;-;

I will and im worker on building now, I’m not updating this for a long time.

Probably garbage cans/shoots. Still one could be an imposter!

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Don’t give up on it, but also focus on the aspects of features and how the game plays. Focus on the gamepasses once they’re worth the money to purchase! I think you can do a great job, given enough time!

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How did you get in there? I swear If theres a little spot Lol

Also the VIP gamepass has its perks, like Chat tag and another perk coming soon im working on rn.

The construction sign and the classic wallclip technique, stand on top of the sign with high mouse sensitivity, hold jump, and look left/right really fast to get walljump over!

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Oh- Thx ig…??? Erm- should I remove it btw?

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I don’t think it matters that much, lol. It took 15 minutes to land it right! XD

  1. Game icon isn’t the best.
  2. The galaxy cafe doesn’t relate to the galaxy feel. Its just pretty skybox and basically a room with amongus looking bins and some free models (for the lights???)
  3. The concept is good, But needs improving

Maybe get real devs that do real work, Most of them are like 11 year olds that watched an alvinblox tutorial and instantly says they are a top dev with experience. I’ve been there. free = probably not good.

I do agree, I’m just really poor and can’t pay real developers.