Galaxy-Cafe Rule Book

These rules must be followed when chatting on this server!

  1. Swearing

Only Leadership+ May swear. Developer and below can Say the Basics: Hell, Crap etc.

  1. NSFW content

NSFW content is strictly prohibited! Any form of this in chat, media, voice channels, or statuses is a serious offence.

  1. Racism

Racism is one of the highest offence on our server! Racism will be dealt with seriously to protect our server’s wellbeing.

  1. Respect

Remember to respect each other on the server, we are all humans. Do not take out your differences on the server, keep it for DMs.

  1. Begging and random pinging

Do not think you are entitled to beg for robux or a shoutout, this will result in a punishment. Also do not ping people without a valid reason! This includes uhLexie, entire roles, and members.

  1. Toxicity

Do not spread rumors or create needless drama. Trying to get attention in this way helps no-one.

  1. Threats

Do not threaten to DDos, ip grab, or hack other members. This breaks discord ToS and you will be punished. Promotion of piracy is also prohibited as well as scamming discord users.

  1. Advertising

Advertising in DMs or on the server is against the rules. This includes promoting a video, channel, a group, etc.

  1. Impersonation

Impersonating anyone on the server is not allowed. This includes uhLexie, staff, and members.

  1. Sensitive topics

Talking about suicide, wars, politics, or drugs is against server rules and will result in punishment.

  1. Flooding and Spamming chat

When messaging on the server, do not send one word at a time, post word walls, spam in chat, etc. Sending more than four messages at once is often considered a word wall.

Voice Chat Rules

These rules must be followed when using voice channels!

  1. Obnoxious sounds

Do not play obnoxious sounds in voice chats as this is against the rules.

  1. Loud sounds

Do not play ear rape in voice channels as this is against the rules.

  1. Leaving and rejoining

Do not spam leave and rejoin to create drama or sound effects.

  1. Music

Do not play racist music or music that has bad language. The songs that are played must be shorter than 5 minutes and skipping people’s songs without reason is against the rules.

  1. Streaming and camera use

Do not stream or show inappropriate content on the server!

  1. Voice changers

Voice changers are not allowed in any voice chat on this server.


Moderators take care of the server and enforce the rules for your safety!

  1. Respect

Moderators have the FINAL say and arguing can result in a mute. Contact a Senior Moderator if you feel that the punishment is wrong.

  1. Appeals

When you receive a ban, an appeal link will be sent with the ban notice. You can then send an appeal and state your case. A Senior Moderator will then read and take action if needed.

  1. Pinging

Please only ping moderators if they are really needed or if you are in a direct conversation with them.

Overall please treat our staff with respect!