Galleons - War Thunder hybrid style game


So, I’ve recently been super obsessed with games like galleons, but I’ve always found that galleons doesn’t have as much depth as I would prefer. But, a game like War Thunder catches my attention in this regard. This is because the combat system in war thunder (A tank fighting game) revolves around hitting key targets of a vehicle to disable it. For instance, if you hit the loader in a tank, it cannot fire until the loader is replaced.

My Opinion

This game sounds good to me, but I’m not sure if this is something people would want. I mean, I’ve found only a few games that have borrowed from the galleons style that is doing fairly well today. The same applies for war thunder like games.

Honestly, I’ll probably end up making the game anyway out of sheer passion. But, I also want to know what I should expect and if I should advertise it or not.

Side note: I’m currently working with a studio to develop this idea further.
Side Side note: It’s also going to be set in space because why not. :slightly_smiling_face:

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sounds like a fun game. however, be aware that roblox has players ranging from ‘never played a game before’ to ‘pro player’, and when your game is too hard for someone, they will probably dislike your game. and if your game gets a bad like ratio, getting traction is exponentially harder.

so with that in mind, it would help your project to be acutely aware of the obstacles a ‘never played a game before’ person will face when entering your game. of course that’s not a guarantee of success. you might polish the accessibility and find that no one wants what you’re selling: that’s always possible.

what might make your game difficult? knowing which parts of the vehicle to aim for. recognizing that it’s a team game. being willing & able to communicate with teammates (most games ive seen on roblox have radio silence in the chat). understanding the guis (maybe they don’t know what the words mean). knowing how to move your character. you should consider at least a few of these things.

the other piece of advice that comes to mind is to set aside a small portion of the advertising budget for preliminary launch tests: get random players into the game, find out what they enjoy and what they’re struggling with, and then use that info to improve your game.


Thank you. Your advice sounds pretty good, I’ll bookmark it so I can find it later.