Gambling in a game

Hey there developers,
I’m sorry if this is on the wrong category but I had an idea for my game and it was that players can flip a coin to either double there currency or lose it all. Is this against Roblox TOS or not?

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If the currency is not purchasable via Robux (directly or indirectly), then it’s fine regardless.

If your game includes mechanics where a virtual reward is provided in exchange for completing an action that does not involve the payment of Robux or other currency, then you do not need to state the odds of receiving that reward.

Obviously, this being a coin, it’s a well known 50% chance, though if you want to be safe just disclose this explicitly.

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So if I did add this I would need to make it impossible for them to obtain the currency via robux?

Yes. If you can obtain this currency in any way using Robux, then you do need to state the odds (to ensure players know what they’re getting for their money).

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Okay thank you for the help :slight_smile: