Game Access Permissions should bypass paid access

The Game Access Permissions feature allows developers to add collaborators who can play/edit a game even when it is private.

If you give a user play permissions, they can access it even if it is private. If it is a paid-access game, if they have play permissions they still must pay for the game. Users with the play permission should be able to access paid-access games without paying.

If Roblox were able to address this, game developers would be able to give testers the ability to play without the need to purchase it and game developers can also giveaway access to their paid-access game.


Fully support. My personal use case is to grant a few people access to my game who don’t have BC/Premium or Robux - at the moment I have to do a suuuuper hacky workaround with group payments :confused:


Definitely agree, the only current alternative to this I’ve considered is when you join the game it prompts a purchase page to gain access and you could disable this/grant access to users you want but still isn’t great since you have to code your own game access system rather than Roblox’s built in system. Also, I would imagine your game would receive a lot of dislikes from unhappy players not wanting to players with the system I mentioned.

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Good idea. I’ll make note of this as we look for future iterations.


Splitting into Play and maybe something like PlayFree would be nice as I’d still like to retain the ability to charge access but bypassing the fee sounds great too.

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