Game and me got banned for using a widely used free model

So I was working on my game and I imported a very large free model of a fort that other games have used. All was fine until my game got content deleted and I received a 7 day ban. Does anyone know why I would get my game deleted for using a free model used in a lot of other games? It was a big model of Fort Charlotte. I cant get the link but all you have to do is go to the toolbox and type “fort charlotte”, it looks like a big green hill. Any feedback to why me and my game got banned is appreciated.


If it’s a widely used model then it’s most likely someone took a copy and added some tos breaking stuff to it hidden. If the fort is by an official person then make sure you use the official one there’s a way to check models before inserting and a popup to remove and scripts etc.


You should always make sure to check all scripts in free models. And in most cases even remove them. I don’t suggest using the toolbox, it is full of duplicated models and viruses. But if you do as I said, you’ll be fine.

About the ban, I am sorry. Your only hope is Roblox’s support. But I doubt they will take your ban away.

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Heard back from roblox.

Did you add the gallows or was that part of the free model you mentioned?

Either way, there is your answer. I don’t know why they wouldn’t remove the free model in question also though. More clueless builders are gonna get burned with this if they don’t.


I need to see the model first. :confused:

It was apart of it when i got it from the toolbox.

Go to the toolbox and type “fort charlotte”, it looks like a big greeen hill.

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Same thing happened to me before, it was just a basic model and my game got deleted for using a model named “t*rture device(im even tagging it i dont trust lol)”. After that happened i never used toolbox stuff anymore. Roblox is really unsecure with these stuff, so i reccomend you to dont use free models too much and when u use, check whats in the model. I think they put an inappropriate text in the model, so that gets u banned and deletes ur game.

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What is going on I can’t believe Roblox did that to you

is it because the model was usable? if I make a non functioning one, is it allowed?

It was a non-usable one and it got me banned. It was out of player view too.