Game Animations randomly speed up at the start of the server

like the title says, the game anims speed up with no sudden reason; this happens in studio and out of studio

here’s what i use to play animations, so tell me if i’m doing something wrong which is heavily unlikely and i think it’s a roblox bug at this point…

(don’t worry about what the value of swingSpeed is, it’s always 1)

	local animation = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(ReplicatedStorage.Animations.Cutlass:FindFirstChild("Hit".. Combo.Value))

also please for the love of god, look at the gyazo gif before replying

Are you playing the animation from the server or from the client?

the module (of the skill) is being called from the server

roblox and devform is so useful, 22h and no good response.

You will want to play the animations client side.

how does this matter?? if i play them client side how am i gonna get the keyframe reached signal?

Wait… can you provide the entire script?

theres no need to provide the entire script, i don’t see why you would need the entire script

There kinda is…
Providing the script will speed up the debugging. And maybe find the cause of the problem

there isn’t any when i tell you that literally the animation doesn’t get touched;

i found the issue, the issue was literally that the animations didn’t get preloaded by the server.

(solved by calling preloadasync on the animations folder)

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