Game assets only partially load upon joining games (Shirts, Pants, Music, Decals, Meshes, etc.)

So recently, the games I’ve played have issues loading assets/items. It ranges from other users avatars (Shirt, Pants, T-Shirt, Hats, etc), decals, audio, and meshes. It happens everytime I join a game, even after I’ve waited a while. Some games load better than others but overall, almost all of the games I’ve joined has issues with loading something.

Here are examples of games I’ve played that displayed the issue:

Dance Off [Beta]: Dance Off - YouTube

Frappe v4: Frappe v4 - YouTube

Space Mining Tycoon: Space Mining Tycoon - YouTube

Here are some screenshots/gifs of the issue occurring in Jailbreak:


This is my pc specs:


Speedtest to my local ISP: Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Speedtest to Comcast, San Francisco, CA:

I know the ping on the Comcast one is really high but that’s my normal ping when I try to speedtest on overseas hosts and previously, with that same high amount of ping, I was able to load stuff fine in games.

The issue started about 2 days ago and still presists.

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This has happened to me for several months, when I join a game my character is totally grey and has no animations. All images, unions and meshes are invisible, and they load so slowly that I can literally watch it happen. For example I was playing an egg hunt museum game, and in the 2008 portion the first egg that loaded was the gygax egg, then the normal eggs and finally the cracked egg of pwnage.

I’m not on Comcast.