Game banned for IP violation.. help me!


Hi, my game has recently been banned (game is currently under review thing) for IP violations reported by a user i bought his morphs from…
I’ve sent an email to both roblox support and copyright support asking what should i do because i had the rights to use those assets, and they said that they can’t be sure that i actually bought them (so i had the permissions) and i can’t do anything about it…

i kept asking what i should to to get my game unbanned, i even said that i could remove those assets but they keep saying that they cant give more informations…
Did i just loose time and money to make a game that has been randomly banned?
Please help me :sob:


See: DMCA Guidelines | Roblox Creator Documentation

How do I file a DMCA counter-notice?

When we notify you about DMCA notices, we also provide instructions about how to submit a counter-notice, which may be sent to our DMCA agent: Note that if you are under 13 years of age, a parent or other adult representative will have to submit the counter-notice on your behalf.

I don’t have much experience with this, so hopefully someone else can help but there’s a lot of things that could go wrong with submitting a counter-notice. For example, you may have purchased the asset from someone else who actually stole the item, and now the orginial owner is filing a notice.

If the actual owner is the one filing a notice that you purchased the item from, I would look into finding valid proof and submitting a counter notice. Again, this isn’t legal advice so make sure you have all your eggs in one basket, things can go really wrong and you could end up in a lawsuit if the owner is serious enough.

Best of luck!


already tried it… they always say that they can’t confirm what i stated (that i bought the morphs from who reported me).
also they can’t be stolen because in the IP ban email it said the username of who reported me which is the same guy i bought the morphs from. (sorry if i’m repetitive)
Oh and btw this guy 100% wanted my game to get banned because after a few days of him selling me his morphs we argued because he wanted to put them in his game even though i paid.