Game based on stereotype

so yeah i was thinking about an update for my game weird strict dad where you could play different family gamemodes in different continents for example like asia (ill maybe add some rice cookers, slippers, and some homework), america(maybe football, burgers, etc), europe (baguette, some mustache, etc)

this is quite a good update but im still confused whether it is permitted or not in roblox, or maybe it sounds a bit too stereotypical.

any thoughts?


I think thats a genious idea and since the game is in a family setting this would actually make so much sense and it would bring in players from all different backgrounds!


yeah i mean what im trying to ask is, is the content permitted on roblox? because it sounds a bit too racial you know what i mean, and i need some answers

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I think that your idea should be permitted on roblox as I’ve seen some games have these features and are still active. All though your idea is allowed it would only be to a certain extent, the things you mentioned are just funny interpretations of the different culture but you should be careful of how you implement this as it might offend people from those countrys which is against the TOS.

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next person who replies i agree with, they have something interesting to say


This could be a good idea and add culture from around the world into your game and diversify the platform, however I’d be extremely careful with how you implement it and try to make it as inclusive as possible, so like as you said;

also include some British Foods, and maybe some German culture. Also include some fun sports from the more eastern part of Europe!