Game Blog Posts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep a player base informed about a game because Roblox lacks the necessary social and communication features needed.

Right now the main method of connecting with our player base/audience is too use social media. This is a problem because:

  1. Social media may be prohibited to users under 13
  2. Not everyone checks social media, so it isn’t a great choice for putting out important information

When developers need to post important information about their game, I’ve noticed them relying on the DevForum, or more specifically #bulletin-board. To me, this seems extremely unprofessional, and I would much rather have an in-website/in-platform communication tool.

What I am asking for is a blog post feature, perhaps something that can be displayed underneath a game’s description. I would also like an additional feature that will allow developers to feature a specific blog post (perhaps a recent update).

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would have the tools needed to keep my player base informed in a protected and safe way (blog post links directly on the website with proper moderation).