(GAME BREAKING) Voice Chat isn't working for users

Unsure of when it started happening but users cannot use voice chat in our game. Other games seem to work fine so it doesn’t seem like its a platform issue.

Link: Neighbors 🔊 [Voice Chat & Mic Up] - Roblox

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Voice chat works perfectly fine in both your game and a few of my own for me. Are you sure the issue isn’t location-based?


I have checked your game and it works, I am sure this could be location- or WiFi-based. Roblox VC tends to stop working for certain users in either certain games or just the entirety of Roblox.


Hi Tynezz, thanks for the report. We’ve identified the issue and implemented a fix. The fix has been live for a couple of hours, but it requires a server restart. This means servers older than a few hours will still have the issue, so you’ll need to restart your servers to fix this issue everywhere.


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