Game Build Style | Tropical Island

Hey there! I’m Vee.
I’ve spent the last few weeks developing a game which I didn’t expect to take any more than a month or so, but after taking a step back and looking at what I’d done I realised that nothing was working and it wasn’t cohesive.
I decided to take the ideas I had and flesh them out fully and plan areas in the game before implementing them instead of going into it blindly.
The idea requires me to use a lot of terrain which I’m very new to. I drew out an area for the game and tried recreating it and ended up with this.
Everything (but the water foam texture and leaf particles) was made by me and I want your opinions on whether you think this style works.
I’m striving for a unique art style for the game but I feel that this style looks dated and common but I’m not entirely sure.
All feedback and opinions are welcomed and appreciated.
Thanks. :palm_tree:



Wow, that looks very good! :+1:

I think the sunrays are a little intense (sometimes this makes visibility hard) but other than that I really like this style.

Looks great! How did you make those rocks? Are they just terrain because they look better then terrain, especially with the lighting.

Very beautiful building you have made, I like it so much. The light on the sun and the reflection in the water is amazing. The rock and the tree you have made is incredible! Nice Job!

I made the rocks in blender and used terrain tools to blend them in. So it’s a mix of terrain and meshes.

That makes sense. The tropical island looks very good you should be proud of it.

I wish I could stay at an island that nice :smiley:

Its maybe a bit too orange, have the shadows have an underlying coolness to it, a purplish color to help even it out. Otherwise it looks great, nice job.

Also. the steps here:

Try adding shape to it like these instead of having it straight.