Game Builders Devlog 6 - Working on a game about making games!


It’s been a while since the last devlog, but I made quite a lot of progress with the game.
First of all the map building tools are almost perfect. They still have some bugs tho (you’ll see it in the showcase video)

Second of all, now I’ve started working on the scripting part. It was so hard to come up with and easy and secure way to allow players to make their own scripts using visual scripting, while making sure they can’t inject malicious scripts into the game.

Here’s a quick showcase video I’ve recorded:

My plans

I really hope I can release a very early access version by this April. Of course it will be very limited but I can’t wait to see how others play and try to make their own games, within the game!


Tell me if you’d like to get tagged in future devlogs and game release.
Also all ideas are welcome.

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A question popped up to my head about what makes the game so diffirent compared to other games related to this since you could try adding more stuff that make it more engagement and fun.

This is a really good game, I would love to see more devlogs on this! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!
I’ll tag you in the future devlogs.


I do recommend a block placement system, if you are creating one is it possible if you could tell me how you created it because i’m creating a game like retrostudio and confused how their block placement works, i do not want any code just a quick way to explain how its done so i understand, thank you and I honestly cannot wait to see your next devlog.

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