Game Changes Audit Log

As a Roblox developer who works with a large team, it is currently too hard to identify bad game changes and their authors.

In the event where a game seems to have been compromised (i.e. teleporting players to other games, prompting 3rd-party purchases) there’s no way to immediately identify what the change was or who caused it. Even once the issue is hunted down and resolved, the compromised user is still unknown, leaving the door wide open for another intrusion.

We should be able to easily see changes made across place versions and who made those changes.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would become far easier to identify compromised accounts and security breaches.

(Note: I’m aware something similar to script history is being worked on for collaborative editing, but this request is more in regards to entire place versions since we use 3rd-party source control. Additionally, script version history could be circumvented by simply disabling collaborative editing before making the change.)



I’m a moderator for a Discord server, and an audit log is really useful when trying to figure out who did what. I can easily and clearly see who needs to be dealt with.

Not only would this be useful with drastic, game-breaking changes, but everyday development would also find a use. You can see exactly what a team member did with full transparency. You can consult those who made an unappealing change without having to always ask the whole team.

I would also propose time stamps, as those can also be useful. Having an audit log with who and what is useful, but when an incident occurred can be equally as important.

Full support. I can’t believe this hasn’t been requested before.

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