Game Company Looking for Scripter

Uper Games Looking for professional scripter

About our previous game :

- Factory Tycoon - the game have 2.8M+ vists and player base of around 100+,

About me :

my name is Eliko i am 19 years old and i love to create game for people who love to play it {:
i am the owner of Uper Games (Games Company in roblox and outside).

What We need:

Need to do

list of thing the scripter will need to do:

  • Create Tycoon game from 0 . (with our adjustment.)(have option to change any time)
  • Auto Save
  • Create Dev Product Handaler / Gamepass
  • Create Droppers (NPC) - Drop our Model
  • Create Upgrade - with our model
  • Rebith system - (every time you do rebith the cost will up and you will get multiplayer for your money.)
  • LeaderStats - (Top 100 Rebith ) (Top 100 Money)
  • Own doors
  • and more… (In Private)


More info

Need to have at least 3 Years of experience have a previous works to send me (photos)
know to make all what i say up. have a good vibe . need to have time for finish this in around 2.5-3.5 weeks ±.


Scripting : Close


More info about payment

all the payment will be in robux . and will be per task payment .
when you send a message please add a offer + Previous Work.
example : Hi my name is Eliko i want to apply for scripter I have 3 years experience my offer for all what you need is 30K after tax and this is my previous work…
[Photo of Previous works]



  • Discord = Elikobiton#2484

The most easy and good thing to talk to me is in the discord. i am 90% of the time avability there.

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