Game Company Tycoon | Changelog

Update 1
  • 🀸 Obbies
  • :dancer: Chat Animations
  • :spiral_calendar: Saving the Tycoon [Automatic Save + Manual Save]
  • :trophy: Rebirths
  • :gem: More
Update 1.5
  • :mega: Advertisement App
  • :man: New PlayerList
  • :gift: Presents falling from the skies
  • :santa:t2: Winter themed map
  • :sound: Sounds for rebirths, crates and different actions
  • :u5272: Sale for GamePasses
  • :dollar: Get more money for the same price
  • :bird: New Codes
  • :name_badge: 2 more badges
Update 1.6
  • :dog: Pets
  • :mega: Shouts
  • :gem: Gems
  • :date: Daily Rewards
  • :bomb: Owner’s only door
  • :fire: New Gamepasses
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bug fixes
Update 1.7
  • :arrow_up_small: You can now rebirth up to 20 lives at once.
  • :safety_pin: Confirmation prompts for starting a new save and rebirthing.
  • :dollar: Changed Rebirth Price from 50M to 25M.
  • :date: PlayersList can now be toggled by clicking on it or using TAB.
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Hold Shift to Sprint or toggle it from the settings.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bug fixes
Update 1.8
  • :art: Pets UI Remake.
  • :fox_face: Added Shiny Pets, Selling Pets.
  • :art: New Game Icon, Thumbnail and name.
  • :dollar: New Titles, $1N to reach the Overlord title.
  • :compass: Failing an obby now teleports you to the obbys building.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bug fixes.
  • :memo: More stuff coming in 1.8.5.
Update 1.8.1 -> 1.8.3
  • :egg: 3 New Normal Eggs
  • :egg: 1 Premium Egg
  • :fox_face: The 4 limited Pets are now off-sale
  • :floppy_disk: DataStores improvements.
  • :white_square_button: Toggle UI Button
  • :white_square_button: Toggle PlayerList Button
  • :scroll: PlayersList Performance Improvements
  • :crown: Roblox Premium Users now get the following benefits: Premium Pet, +100 Gems and 1 Legendary Crate at the daily rewards.
  • :wolf: Reborn Pets can now be evolved into Evolved Reborns that give 2x the boosts.
  • :gem: Gems UI and Pet’s Boosts should now format the values.
  • :dollar: Portals Money Glitch Fixed.
  • :hammer: Removed HD Admin (Made me some problems with the Chat and the new Topbar buttons)
  • :up: Rebirthing menu now tells you how many lives you’re gonna skip if you skip at least 2 life.
  • :dog: Pets no longer lose their name and rarity after dying or resetting.
  • :musical_note: Music should now play without any errors.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bug fixes.
Update 1.8.4
  • Redesigned the GUIs
  • Animation for hovering over buttons
  • You can now toggle PvP
  • You can now Hide your own pets or other pets.
  • You now get more gems if you skip lives.
  • All gears have been fixed
  • You will now respawn at your garage
  • 2 More Gem Crates
  • You can now only have one menu open (Excluding the important ones like Loading Gui)
  • Codes aren’t case sensitive anymore.
  • New Merch
  • Hide PlayerList button was moved near the Hide UI one.
  • You will now get more gems for the same price.
  • You can now toggle life skipping
  • Fixed some issues with the tycoon’s progress losses
  • Other Fixes
  • Halloween Update (Map + Limited Egg)
  • Improved Autosaving
Update 1.8.5
  • Trading
  • Limited Eggs
  • Sell multiple pets at once
  • Equipped Pets, Company Name & Color now Save
  • You automatically get a tycoon assigned on join.
  • Title for players that are 1st on any of the leaderboards
  • Next Upgraded Pets Level: Super Shiny and Super Evolved
  • Luck Gamepass
  • Hard / Very Hard / Impossible Obbies
  • New Badges
  • Your Settings now save so you don’t have to set them again and again.
Update 1.8.6
  • Santa’s Quests
  • Wintry Map
  • New Egg
  • New Codes
  • Fixes
Update 1.8.7
  • Tutorial
  • Investors (Solve Maths Problems for Cash)
  • Minigames (Sabotage & Rob other players)
  • A second computer can be bought in the garage to speed up the process of getting to the automatic part of the tycoon.
  • New Codes
    ~ Each setting now has a description
    ~ New Players will now spawn at unclaimed tycoons.
Update 1.8.8
  • Spring Quest
  • New Egg
  • You can now skip up to 50 lives at once.
  • Lives skipped now count for the quests.
    ~ Snow has melted and the sun is up.
    ~ Untradeable/Unsellable Pets don’t take up space anymore.
    ~ Fixed Investors & Robbing
Update 1.9.0
  • Quality Assurance Floor (10 Rebirths to unlock)
  • Accounting, Marketing & HR Floor (100 Rebirths to unlock)
  • Console Compatibility
  • New Codes
  • New Shiny Levels (Mega Shiny & Ultra Shiny)
    ~ All floors will now get a roof (No more raining in the office)
    ~ Raised the money cap (Previously ~ 9Qn)
    More stuff coming soon!
Update 1.9.1
  • Autumn Quest
  • New Overlord Pets
  • New Phone UI
  • Neg Egg
  • Security Cameras App
  • Autoclicker Gamepass
  • Building Animation
    ~ Buffed Executive Pet to match rebirths
    ~ Numpad Support for Console Users
    ~ Increased Skipping Cap to 100
    ~ Fixed Sprinting
    ~ Phone Hotkey changed to Q
    ~ Option to Disable Chat Server Messages
    ~ Shield Icon over Passive Tycoons
    ~ Autosaving improvements
    ~ Buttons UI
    ~ New Loading Screen
    ~ Improved Performance