Game Crashes and kicks all players

So I have a game and after like 10 or 20 minutes the server disconnects everyone. Whit the basic check your internet connection error. (Yes it kicks all players with this message) When you click reconnect it takes you to the start place. This universe has 2 places. One for the main menu/hub and the other for the game mode.

Then when they try to rejoin they get an error that says Could not connect ID=17. After they try reconnecting for 3 or so minutes it finally let’s them join a new server.

Also the data does not save to the data stores. So if you won 2 races in the server, after crashing and trying to reconnect, your wins are what they were before you got those 2 wins.

Game: [READ DESCRIPTION] Backstretch Battles Legacy - Roblox

This article provided no help, but it seems to talk about the reconnecting part of my problem:

This is my exact problem here: Server Crash With 277 Disconnect

Please help

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There’s nothing really a script could do to interfere with this, I would just simply recommend re-checking your game and so on.

Unless you have a “plr:Kick” script, in which I doubt you would.

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I have checked my game and I can’t find the problem. What causes this error?


“Game disconnects everyone”

Did this occur when you only were testing or did It happen whilst others were in the game?

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The only thing I have is AlreadyPros6 character loader. Other than that there are no free models. Other than a UFO (I checked it was just the mesh, and I put wedges in it) and an endorse models cactus.

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Other were in the game. basically everyone on the server gets the internet disconnected error message. At the same time.


Any scripts in game?

If so, check them carefully.

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Lots. What am I looking for exactly (nothing in the dev console errors, while on a live server.)


I’m assuming all of the scripts were made by you/not free models.

Do you recall adding a plr:Kick line along any of the scripts?

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I will check tomorrow using Ctrl+shift+f, but I don’t remember adding this.

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Anyways if I added this it would not have the internet disconnected message, or prevent people from reconnecting

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Yeah, not much I think roblox users can do about it; may be a bug or something. How long has this been going on?

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For about 2 weeks. Ever since my game got moderately popular

Nice information to hear, it may be caused because of the player count of your game. I would just advice checking tomorrow or any other day and seeing what happens.

Try looking for infections. Or if you have a kick or maybe anti-exploit script, make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

i would isolate the problem more.

try sending your output of the server to an external program (like dizzy)
after a player has left the server do a Wait(5) and make it post something on dizzy.
so you make sure that the server is still running after all the players have disconnected and it is not the server in the whole crashing
if the server is still running its a serverscript, otherwise check your localscripts