Game crashes for mobile players

My game, Goofy ahh Spider-Man, keeps crashing for mobile players. On my iphone it’s fine, but for many players in my discord they keep reporting that the game is crashing. I have no idea how to fix it. Help?

Here is the link to the game if you wanna test on mobile for yourself: Goofy Ahh Spider-Man [REVAMP!!] - Roblox

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Have you collected data from people on what devices seem to crash the most?

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When I go the developer stats page on my game, it shows this. Meaning that people crash the most on these devices I’m pretty sure.

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Those are fairly recent devices, which is interesting. Do you think there could be an issue with optimizations?

What do you mean optimizations?

Is your game built off of models that have large amounts of triangles? The more triangles there are in a frame, the harder it is for a device’s CPU to render it, which may cause crashes if there is too much to handle at a time.

Well I do have a huge city in the game. I’m not sure how I could optimize it. There isn’t many triangles in the city, mainly just basic parts.

If you press CTRL+Shift+F2 in a studio place while zoomed out to look at the entire map, it should tell you how many triangles there are in Workspace next to “Draw (total)”.

If it’s over 2,500,000 some devices may not be able to handle that.


Which number do I need to pay attention to? Sorry, there is just so many numbers.

The number at the beginning of the parenthesis is the one we’re looking for.
It looks like it’s over 5,000,000 triangles.

Oh jeez. How could I lower the amount without delete mass parts in the city?

First, I would find if any portions of the maps have been accidentally duplicated.
If the map uses parts & unions, I’m not entirely sure how to optimize it more. I usually would recommend using the Decimate tool in Blender (a free professional modeling software), but usually porting unions from Roblox to Blender somewhat corrupts the actual polygons of the model when imported into Blender, which then requires some remesh work.


Try turning on StreamingEnabled, which is a property in workspace.

What does StreamingEnabled do?

it removes objects not visible to the camera and loads them in when they are visible, can improve performance by 80%