Game Creation [SUGGESTIONS]

Restaurant / Cafe Programming/UI suggestions

Hello there DevForum community,
Today I was designing a UI on roblox studio and had a few questions as for suggestions for you guys.

What type of settings would you like to see available?
What type of gamepasses/donations would you like to see implemented?
What buttons/commands should I make available to Community Moderators in this game?
What is your favourite appetiser, beverage and main meals, appropriate to roblox

Would you like to see animated doors? or basic cancollide doors?
What system should I run? Chefs in kitchen or waiters who create the order for you?
Should the staff promotions be via points? or should it be via trainings?


Thanks for the suggestions, their appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: :confetti_ball:


I’d like to see animated doors. They’re pretty easy to do with TweenService.
For the system, I’d prefer waiters creating orders.
Staff promotions should be through points. Honestly I don’t like trainings. I had a bad experience with them in groups.
Settings can be like uniforms, jobs, roles etc.
Overall that’s all I have for feedback.
But again, I am not forcing you to do whatever I’ve just said. Just take it into consideration.

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