Game Creation Tutorials | Different Essentials

(I haven’t updated this in a while, keep this in mind.)

Hey everyone! I decided to make this list because I get questions on how to make certain things.

I haven’t updated this in a while.
I will update this with more people, and more categories! (Like Modeling, GFX, Art, ETC)
I will try my best to update all of the videos, because some of these people are not finished with their tutorials on certain things.
Here it is!
Everything should be in order, if you want me to look for something message me and I’ll try and find it.
Remember, most of these use playlists.
How to make…

A Camping Game / Story Game

I have different people here, so here you go.
First up, Gamer M8
(Total Time: 1 Hour+)
Next Up… @ZingoDev_YT
(CURRENT Total Time: 15 - 20 Minutes)

A Simulator Game!

First, @Alvin_Blox
(Total Time: 30 Minutes Or Morel.)
Next, Gamer M8
(Total Time: 1 Hour - 1 Hours and 30 Minutes)

A Jailbreak / Prison Game (WARNING, This tutorial does not use remote events)

First Up, Gamer M8
(Current Time: 50 Minutes - 1/2 Hours)


First Up, @ZingoDev_YT
(Total Time: 10 - 15 Minutes!)

A Piggy Style Game

I 100% Recommend The One From @Alvin_Blox

NOTE: The above tutorial is long, so make sure you have the time to finish it.

(Depends if you make your own map; 35 Minutes to 1/2 Hours)

UI Design

This is a new category, so I’ll add more when I can!
@UseCode_Tap (TheDevKing) 's Tutorial on UI Constraits
(Around 10 Minutes, Depending On What You Need
@Arxbird 's Tutorial on how to make UI fit on every screen
(Time Depends On How Much You Are Doing.)
Roblox Visuals - Simulator UI - Photoshop Tutorial
(9 - 10 Minutes)

GFX (Renders)

@Sheasu 's tutorial(s)
(All are around 15 to 30 minutes.)
Fanzbo’s tutorial on professional YouTube thumbnails!


sick post, thanks a lot. character limit

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This is the correct category but I’d pick a more descriptive topic title as the current one is hard to understand.

Something more like “A list of game creation tutorials” would correctly describe what you’ve got here.

To provide extra utility, I’d recommend including the total time for each of these, so people know how long they will spend before committing.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’m adding the time right now! :grinning: :+1:

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Hi, I suggest to add another tutorial like UI Designing, Building and etc…
But keep up this wonderful job. :+1:

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Oh! I was about to add that! :sweat_smile: I’ll get right on it! :grinning:


Just added a new UI design category!

Enjoy! Remember to leave your feedback and suggestions here!

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I really don’t know how to thank you, this really helps me a lot.
Thank you so much. :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks for making this! It will allows developers to discover tutorials so they can make the games they want to make.


Neat! This could and can help new developers to make a game that they are inspired by, and to start off developing in a good way!

The list of certain games that have tutorials on from Zingo and Alvin, nice job. :happy3:

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Added a GFX / Rendering Category!

Enjoy! (Remember to suggest things, and leave feedback here!)

I don’t recommend that Prison game tutorial series.
It’s not really using Remote events so it’s not that great for learning in my opinion.

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I’ll look into it!
Thank you for telling me as I might not have seen that.

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