Game description and title does not update when settings are saved

I’ve just released an update to my game and I’m trying to get the game description and title to change, it works fine when doing it through configuring the place settings, but it doesn’t work as intended when configuring the experience.

When I update the game’s title and description in the “Update Experience” menu, pressing save automatically reverts it to whatever I had it set to in the last update. There’s also a “Translate to Original language” button that when pressed, translates everything to the game description/title I intended it to be. I’m guessing it has something to do with roblox’s localization feature?

Attached is a video and a screenshot of my issue, I can provide more details if needed.



I remember seeing something like this before, I think the solution was changing the source language to English? I don’t know if this is correct but try it out.

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when was the last time you updated the game if it was recent it won’t let you re add it that’s what it said to me once when I was updating to quckily

Same issue here tried all kind changes to wording thinking it maybe the filter catching something and not showing error… like it has been bugged in the past and done. the only thing I was able to get it to save was removal of a comma.