Game description feedback/proper?

Apology if this is wrong topic. im not sure.

Hello I have updated my game description and I was wondering if this is proper/good description. I don’t know if the description is too much or not user-pleading.

Thank you!


Mostly looks good to me! The only thing I’d change is to get rid of the “How to Play” and controls part off the description, may be a personal thing, but I always thought it clutters the page.

The description itself is fine and I personally don’t have any problems with it. Just keep in mind that anytime you add more things in the game, such as other keys, ALWAYS remember to put their purpose in the description like you did with the run key. Good luck with your game!

Looks good. I don’t really have anything against it but I feel like having the link to the group in the description is not that good. Rather then doing that link it as a social link (I think u can do that in games).

It looks good to me. I think instead of [KEYS] you could use [CONTROLS]
anyways that’s all to me

Honestly you probably shouldn’t have key bindings in the description at all. If your games controls aren’t immediately obvious in-game then that’s likely something that needs addressing.

Just remember that not everyone will read your games description.

Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with the description as written. Be sure to give your descriptions a reason to actually be there (like your KEYS area).

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