Game description keeps on disappearing without me deleting it

Hey guys, so Ive been having this problem where I make a game description for my game, but then after a couple of hours it gets deleted without me deleting it. Its happened 3 times already. Does anyone know what to do? Thank you.

When editing the game description, are there any little red messages saying, “game description or name is inappropriate!”? If so, the description will not update until it is made “appropriate”. Make sure you save your changes? Other than that, I don’t know :man_shrugging:

No, it would upload and it would be on the game description, but after a few hours it would just disappear

In that case, sounds like a roblox bug. I would post it in #bug-reports (if it is open to you). There really isn’t a solve, sorry. I would just wait and try again tomorrow (give it some time to cool off)

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