Game Design Resource Youtube: "Extra Credits"

Heya Guys! About a year ago, I encountered this youtube channel which I used to learn better posing in my GFX. However, I realized recently a lot of their content is a HUGE help when it comes to immersive game design. I’m a fan of game design myself and I love giving concepts to my Roblox Developer friends, and this opens up my world. I thought I’d share with everyone this channel in hopes it will help you learn how to make every aspect of your game interesting.
Their names are “Extra Credits” They Include everything from Quest design, Immersive animations, and Organic game design!
They really deserve extra credit for what they do (sorry lol)

Check them out:

Hope this helped you as much I loved it
– Nate


Game Maker’s Toolkit does a good job as well with a very similar idea of just discussing things that work & don’t in video games. Definitely give a checkout.


Wow, 200 episodes!

I’ve got a lot of binge watching to do