Game Design subsection

Because discussing and imagining gameplay mechanics and design is a nice way to get away from cloning reputation Roblox seem to has.

Seriously though, I’d be 100x more interested in this forum if I could talk about game design (!!!) instead of ways to make bank :smiley:

EDIT: Having a separate forum for “monetization” might be recommended as well in case I have to dig through posts asking about ways to use gamepasses and dev products.

EDIT2: Nah, just let the monetization stuff continue to fill up Development Discussion :wink:

I think Reese said something about trying to keep the amount of subsections as low as possible because of the size of the community is pretty small, and they don’t want some subforums being completely dead. I like the idea, though.

The only problem I have, is we don’t really have a sub forum just to talk about development or what you are working on, its mixed in with the random banter of the lounge. So I agree we need a game design sub forum

(@Imaginaerum) Is this in reference to the “monetization” suggestion? If so, yeah, probably. Anything to leverage discussion on pure game creation and design would be nice though.

Development discussion obviously has more technical stuff which doesn’t interest me as much as the next guy, especially since I’m not the type who goes around playing tech support. I also think that board tends to exclude the creative guys who are more keen to building and designing as opposed to scripting.