Game Development Idea

Hello there, everyone. I believe I have a decent idea, but I’d like to hear from the rest of the development community to get feedback and see what you think will happen. I’d appreciate it if you left comments and voted in the poll on what you believe is best for me and my game. Your honesty and support are greatly appreciated, and I am grateful to each of you. Thank you very much.

Description Of The Game

“Sweet Treatz Candy Shop” is the name of the game concept I’ve come up with. It has a candy shop, a bakery, and an ice cream parlor, so it isn’t your typical candy shop. It also contains a VIP section and an outside lounging area with a pool and a sword combat square where you go on and receive a sword in your inventory, but the sword disappears when you leave. We’ll also have points and awards from leveling up and earning points, as well as game passes and administrators to enforce the rules and keep things interesting. We have a lot of players and employees, so after the first week of the game being out, we have a lot of administrstors and players Our first events will be held. An event is a 40-minute minigame hosted by an HR+ (High Rank+) made with btools and admin commands, and it will last no longer than that. The HR+ will then tidy up, thank everyone for their participation, and let everyone to return to their hangout or work at there station.

Game-passes Available

The following are the game passes that will be available:

Area for VIPs

This gaming pass would cost 500R and allow access to the VIP Area to anyone who bought it. With three couches positioned around a TV and a table, similar to a living room, and a dish of peanuts with shells on the table, the VIP section will have a lovely vibe. With this game pass, they’d also get an OverHead VIP tag, which they could change the color of or turn off. This is also related to their chat conversation tag. They also have their item limit increased from four to seven, including them a special role on our communications server.


The boombox gamepass would cost 100R and would allow gamers to listen to any music they wanted unless it was restricted by Roblox. However, if our moderation representatives have followed their procedures and attempted to prevent the player from infringing Roblox Terms Of Service or our Rules & Policies, they may lose their boombox privileges and be kicked from the game without recompense.

Walkspeed Editor

This game pass would cost 100R and would allow any player who purchased it to use a GUI to regulate their walking speed. They access the “Walkspeed Editor” item in their inventory and utilize the graphical user interface to control how fast or slow they move.

Trails Pack

This game pass would cost 200R, and it would grant all players access to the major Red, Blue, and Green Trails, as well as exclusive access to rare trails. The Midnight Trail, Gold Trail, Pink Trail, and Rainbow Trails are unique and rare trails.

Color Changing Balloon

This game pass would cost 300R and would allow players to change the balloon color to a solid color of their choice or a rainbow when gliding, flying, and levating throughout the game.

More Game-passes would be available later in time as well as rank game-passes. We would also have special documents to better represent our group and keep our community happy and in good terms with each other and the Roblox Corporation.

The Documents Would and These:

Rules & Policies

Staff Hierarchy

Administrative Disciplinary Handbook

Recipe Guide

Game-pass Information

Social Links

Session Times

Leadership Teams & Departments

Donation Links

Administrative Badge Descriptions

Rights Of The SweetTreatz Candy Shop Corporation

Rights To All Customers

Social Media Influencer Application

Partnership Application

Ban Appeals

Bug Reports

Update Ideas

Thank you!! Please share your ideas with me!! I’d love to hear them!!


This is a really good idea! Keep up the good work. Link me the game when you make it? Id love to be one of the first to check it out and play. Regarding gamepasses, I dont think a name for a gamepass should be: “Area for VIPs”. I think it should be something like: “VIP lounge access” or something to that exstent. I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks Love!! It’s very helpful!! :slight_smile:

This gamepass seems kind of p2w, unless you remove it during the sword fight.

I think the game should have more “minigames” instead of only a sword combat square. In fact, I could see this game doing well with more playable features. Other than that, I don’t really see a solid reason to actually “play” the game, considering

  1. It seems more like a “sit around for the vibes and flex your rank” game.
  2. A 40-Minute event seems like a long time (coming from a player’s perspective)
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Thanks for your feedback!! I will take this into consideration!!

500R for only access to a special room, chat tag, and item limit increase isn’t really all that worth it

Thanks!! I’ll lower the prince to maybe 50R? That’s probably about right!


Keep in mind you want to make robux from this game, so try and find a price where you are happy with the robux you receive (Remember that 30% of it goes to Roblox) and the buyer will be happy with the price / be happy with how many robux they have left in their account. I would think a good price is maybe 100 robux or somewhere around that. Try and find games that are the same genre as you, and see if they have VIP gamepasses, if they do, see how much they are being sold for and see which price you like best. :+1:


walkspeed editor should have a limit of how fast so they can’t lag the game

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A bit pricey for a living room and a plate of peanuts.

That’s WAY too much to just walk faster. If I were you I’d make it anywhere from 30 :robux_gold: to 50 :robux_gold: !

Remember, it’s better to get a lot of cheap sales then only one big sale. People are more willing to pay a cheaper price than an expensive price for something, and if a lot of people pay the cheaper price, you’ll get more money than having to convince people to spend a lot more which would be hard to convince them since it’s so expensive. TLDR of that paragraph; Make it cheaper to get more sales, hence more robux.

(I understand that there is a tax too, but that shouldn’t matter since it’s applied to both the cheap and expensive passes.)

That might be too cheap. Somewhere around 100 would be affordable.

Edit: Again, keep in mind that selling for 100 would only give you 70 robux and selling for 50 would only give you 35 robux. (due to Roblox’s 30% tax cut)