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Ok, so this is a bit of an odd one, this isn’t your typical resource, this is a roblox experience, but it’s not a game, it’s a tool

I have looked at the rules and I found nothing that goes against posting a roblox experience as a resource. The experience is related to Roblox development and closed source resources are allowed

Game Discovery Hub - G.D.H. is a discovery hub, as the name suggests, similar to the front page, however, the emphasis is not on big popular games, but rather on showing a vast variety of games that are much harder to find.

The Hidden gems sort

The Up and coming sort

The sorts (other than the featured sort) are fully automatic

Each sort will (some already do) contain about one thousand games. There is also a genre filter and search filter to bring out more specific games from those sorts. This means there are a lot of games that can be found from each sorts

Anyone can insert a game into the system by simply putting the PlaceId of the game in a little textbox at the bottom

Game Discovery Hub is useful to both developers and players. Developers can use this to get their games out there, which is a particularly hard step of game development on Roblox, while players can use it to find more obscure and underrated games that aren’t shown on the front page

It is also now possible to sponsor your game! You don’t need to pay either, by getting other users to join GDH using your link, you’ll get free “robux” added to your balance

(The first example below was done before the sponsor system was released, so it wasn’t competing with other sponsors)

Hope this is useful!

If anyone is interested in the inner workings of GDH, I can make a reply broadly explaining how it works


I have a question, How is this better than Roblox’s trash discover page

This is a great game btw


You wont find this in Top Rated
(Yes, a 59% rating game was in top rated)

Blox Fruits is not at the top of (most) sorts

But mainly, it allows you to find games that you have never heard of before like most games I put inside the featured tab (half of which I found from GDH)
You can look even deeper into the hidden gems sort where you can find some fun games that basically don’t have a single player (although that sort has a good amount of randomish games)


This is pretty awesome, Nice creation.


Cool. How are you push out letting players know it is there?

Also in the category ‘Newly added games’ is that games that devs have recently put the ids in , or how is that generated?

How are featured games determined ?

Also when a game is published, what can be done, so that it goes into certain categories you have?



Let me know if I understood this one correctly, I tried to reach out to some youtubers who have complained about the front page. So far, I didn’t get a response. I’ll try other stuff…

It’s games that were recently added into the system (from the little textbox)

That is the only manual sort, I basically put games I think are cool or have personally played a lot and like

The categories are automatic, so you can’t do much, but here is how Hidden gems and Up and coming are calculated

These are subject to change. As you can see I am thinking about using the ratio of players to visits for up and coming

For Hidden gems, one thing you can do is make sure your game is getting updates, games that didn’t receive updates for more than 3 months are penalized, and over 6 months strait up wont show up

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out thanks for the details, I have a game or two I might add and some new ones in the future.

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The game is just AMAZING!
The search algorithm is much better than Roblox’s one for finding small games and maybe fun ones too.


This is awesome. Thank you for providing behind the scenes looks at the algorithms, I can see that these are genuinely unbiased and relevant. I hope this game gains traction and maybe quality games on Roblox will get more recognition from this place alone.

Also, I love your game BloxBox, it deserves to be at the top of that Hidden Gems category!

Edit: I’m curious how your Filter search works, does it search by name and description?

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Yeah, it uses both the name and description. The name has more importance than the description and the description one might be messed up (I didn’t test it in depth)

It uses a “lazy” (and laggy) approach of basically looking at all substrings of X length, and comparing them to the original search query, and giving it a score depending on how close the substring is to the original string. The final score is determined by the score of the best substring from the Name and Description, if I remember correctly

The approach is laggy but it does work quite nicely


After a game ID is put in, how long does it take to show up in the search?

Also maybe put a black back ground behind the UI at the bottom so that the background movement does not show through, so it is easier to see and focus on.

Also what ‘updated’ field are you using, I see this game in the search which says it has not been updated since last late year, (although there is the API update , which I do not know that that is…) and your search after 6 months would not have it in the list.


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also I am clicking on play, and nothing is happening…

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oh yeah that, I need to fix that. Just spam click it and it will work eventually

I would say 10-30 minutes (but it could also take much longer if there are no active servers)

Updated is when the game was last updated
Last API update is the last time the game’s data was retrieved from the roblox API (the data being the amount of visits, player count, etc)

Hidden gems looks at Updated, so if the game wasn’t updated in the last 6 months, it wont show up in that sort. This is only the case for the hidden gems sort

Ok, that should be fixed, I also made the background of the settings less transparent, so hopefully that helps

Added a new sponsor system!

You can sponsor your game for much cheaper than the roblox sponsor system (though you’ll also get a lot less players, as GDH isn’t very active

(The first example below was done before the sponsor system was released, so it wasn’t competing with other sponsors)