Game dislike/like

How long does a player have to play a game until he/she can like/dislike?

The person just has to play the game to vote. There is no set amount of time the person has to play to vote.


Roblox should have it changed to 10 seconds, this could give time to prevent like/dislike botting. Correct me if I’m wrong.

We need people to sign a petition to change this to 10 seconds this lol

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That wouldn’t prevent botting.


Yeah, that wouldn’t prevent bots, bots can stay in a game for a long time, 10 seconds isn’t their limit.

Preventing bots from entering games is going to be a hard task, if there was a simple solution like this, Roblox would have already done it.

Not really a hard task, I guess just add an age limit on your game of 30+ days so you can join.

Bots have old alts, this won’t stop them.


Bots are usually older accounts that were compromised, this wouldn’t prevent botting. Also nothing is stopping botters from waiting a month after mass creating their accounts and using them to bot. A mass cookie reset of accounts that were used for botting is currently how Roblox fights back against botting. Botters have mass pools of account cookies that they use.

That would not prevent bots, because anyone (including bots) could join the game, stay there for 10 seconds, then leave the game, then dislike it.

Botting is wildly off-topic to the question of this thread.

If you want Roblox to consider any kind of changes to the way the rating system works, be sure to file a Feature Request or support one that’s already in the Platform Feedback category. There are already many threads about the rating system and bots so I don’t recommend attempting to create a new one.

Petitions are pointless here. You have a resource, the Platform Feedback category. Use it.

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