Game Display Boards | Easily Feature Other Games

Game display boards are easy to use boards that make it simple to promote another game. They’re designed with a style similar to the Roblox website and have a simple API.

Example Board


The Game Display module can be downloaded here.


The Game Display module has a simple API with only one method. The module is only designed for LocalScripts.

GameDisplay:CreateDisplayBoard(placeId: number, part: Part, partFace: Enum.NormalId): void

Example Usage from a LocalScript

local GameDisplay = require(

local part = workspace:WaitForChild("Part") -- part would be the part you want to display the board on

GameDisplay:CreateGameDisplay(1818, part, Enum.NormalId.Front)


Thanks to @Elttob for providing the play icon used in this module.


Looks cool, thanks for sharing it.

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Thank you for making this, I will definitely use this in the future. Anyway, thanks again🙂

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