Game does not show up in game's page or search?

Wow… thank you so much, this might be it, I am checking this out now.

Actually, I am not 100% sure that’s the logic roblox uses for the description, our holding account is set at 1 years old yet it’s not tagged… I am search through the site scripts.

Yeah, GetNonChatStringForBroadcastAsync is more strict, because it pertains to actual in-game chat.

E.g., As an <13 you can’t say “100 + 12”, but you could easily put that into your description.

Yup, I think I found it, lemme send a screenshot.

My computer is dead, I’ll send it tomorrow.

Hmm, I tested this theory out and it doesn’t appear to be the problem. I changed the description to something that shouldn’t possibly be monitored:
However the game still is nowhere to be found in the search function

Hopefully tomorrow a solution can come, because it’s hard to see how this wouldn’t put my game at a huge disadvantage…

That’s unfortunate.

My only other theory would be that the search takes a while to update. Since you changed the description back so quickly, the effect didn’t take place.

But that’s really unlikely, and it does seem like this is due to another issue.


I’d like to confirm that this issue is still a thing, and has not been resolved. I would appreciate hearing from a roblox engineer about this, my new game is coming out soon, but I’m worried it also won’t show up (same name as old one).

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?

I just checked. I don’t think it’s still happening and at some point, it got fixed. Thanks!

I’m still having issues. Clear keywords and even the title of my game still don’t bring it up. It’s a serious issue. There is no discovery as you can’t find it by searching clear keywords nor searching the name itself. Irrelevant results are flooding the lower results of the search, yet my relevant result doesn’t even show up.

I’m worried the same thing will happen to me. I’m planning on releasing a game so out of curiosity I searched the name up on the games section but all I saw were floods of game copies that were similar to my games name. I don’t want my game to be covered by all this.

I just want clarification that the engine bases it more on player count rather than how many times the name is mentioned in the description. Therefore, I can advertise accordingly and know for sure that my game will come up when searching for it.

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I think this is a different concern. My game simply wouldn’t show up entirely, not because it had fewer players or different descriptions but because of some roblox website weirdness. The most ‘relevant’ games will appear first in search (ideally). Mine seems like it was a rare case so I wouldn’t worry about it.
If you are worried about games with similar names drowning out your game, you can try to make it have a unique name. For example, not calling a game “battle royale” or something plain.

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Yeah, I’ve decided to change the name to something more unique. I’m more satisfied with this new name than the old one, so hopefully everything will be fine.

I was wondering if anyone had found more solutions regarding this topic. Our team, Virtual Optics, is currently in the testing phase for our new game (Epic Obby), and we happened to have a surprisingly successful time with getting players relative to how much we put into ads. Beginning July 22nd, or yesterday, the game was moved higher up on certain keywords. We still haven’t had too many players, but we were consistently hitting anywhere from 15 to 40 all day. This was mostly because we were moved to around #40 for searches on “Obby.” In the afternoon today, I noticed we dropped to around 7 concurrent players on average. This is where it got odd. We are completely wiped from the keyword “Obby” as far as I can tell. However, we have moved further up on “Epic Obby” and “Epic” to the point where we are now #3 for “Epic Obby.” Luckily, we are still working on major gameplay mechanics for the game, so we’re not too worried about having too many players. My main concern is that the issue will persist when we are ready for actual advertising.

I do find it important to note that the game was hit by a handful of dislikes today taking it from an ~88% like-to-dislike ratio down to ~77%. I had originally thought this may be the issue, but the fact that we moved up on the other keywords makes me think differently. Especially when I considered that other obbies that had been in similar spots around us have like-to-dislike ratios hovering around 40%. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated!

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Can you check my description as well? And how did you do that?
Game: Garden Tycoon [PETS] - Roblox

I believe this bug may be affecting my game, World Builder, which used to always show at the top of search results whenever you’d search for its name on Roblox.

Ever since the game was brought back after I appealed an incorrect deletion of it, it has completely stopped showing at entirely for nearly every player who tries to search for it, and I have even heard that it shows for a very small amount of players in one of Roblox’s genre-related sorts.

It would be great if this issue were resolved, as it has been happening for months now and I believe it is severely negatively impacting my games discoverability. When I originally brought up this issue with customer support after I noticed it happening, all I got was a back and forth between them claiming they “fixed the issue” when it still persisted.

@Hippie_ofDoom @MisterGreenTurtle

Has this issue been fixed? This is very unfair for developers who have worked hard on their game just to see it not being visible on the search results, it’s appalling seeing low quality/copied games on the top of the search results when games that deserves recognition isn’t on there… this won’t support small developers at all and so if you let us know about the situation then that would be greatly appreciated.

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I still have this problem.
My game Garden Tycoon got completely removed from the search and I’m unable to sponsor it.
Please fix that, I barely have any players anymore.
LinK: Garden Tycoon [PETS] - Roblox