Game does not show up in game's page or search?

I just checked to see if my game had this issue, and it appears it does too. I’m going to make a support ticket and hopefully get this sorted out. I will keep you all updated :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: It has been fixed!

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how did it get fixed for your game? As a result of filing your support ticket?
I ask because this is currently happening to my game- there’s seemingly thousands of games with less direct keywords with 0-1 likes, a handful of visits, default space image, that were never even updated for years that show up on the search, meanwhile our game with 90+% like ratio, thousand + visits and many favorites etc is literally nowhere to be found.

I believe this bug is affecting my game Soccer Street Strikers as well.
My game got removed from the search results today despite the fact that yesterday it used to rank 37th on the keyword “soccer”. Right when it reached 4,000 average daily new players which coincides with the moment I updated the description of my game, the experience got shadow-banned.


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