Game does not show up in searches for it, despite having 1k+ CCU

Currently, as of 11/24/23, our game “Super Skyward Towers” (Super Skyward Towers - Roblox) does not show up in any searches, despite it having over 1,000 CCU. Games with less than 100 players (even 0 players) are ranked above us. Search for “super”, “skyward”, “tower” or “towers” to reproduce the issue:

This makes it difficult for us to run marketing campaigns, because any searches for our game result in the game not being found.

Expected behavior

It is expected that searching for keywords in our game’s title would show our game in the search results. Instead, our game is nowhere to be found despite a high CCU count and unique name.


Roblox’s search engine barely works now. Years ago it was ok, but I think the addition of millions of tags in descriptions probably throws their search engine the hot mess that it is.
Same thing for the Toolbox in Studio. You can search for an item like the word ‘Creak’ in the Audio section and you get 200 results, but only about 20 that actually sound like a creak. The tags that get swamped in with the descriptions might be the issue.
I suggested in another discussion post about having a limit of 3 or so tags to keep it from happening.


It shows up for me.

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Problem highlighted in OP is that searching only a word of it ranks the experience lower than others (“super”, “skyward” and “tower”). Very specific searches do show the experience but Roblox players, especially younger ones, don’t usually search for a very specific name if it’s more than 1-2 words.

Definitely not too accurate to say it doesn’t search up in any searches but it’s easy to miss what queries are being inputted to get the results in OP without checking the images. For fuzzy searches to hit single words, the title needs to be very unique. “Skyward” should show the experience or at least rank it higher but it currently assumes the user is searching for “skywars” (as per the results).


Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention.
As mentioned in the earlier comments, your experience is showing in results for super skyward towers, skyward tower and super skyward.
The search system continuously learns from interactions within results for a search keyword, and it may take up to a few days for the system to identify new patterns and surface an experience for relevant keywords.
Thank you for sharing some current shortcomings of search (such as ranking “skywars” over “skyward”). We are continuously working on these issues to improve the quality of search.


Any plans to improve keyword search matching? It’s been a disaster for over a year. A while back Roblox decided to largely ignore search terms for many results. I’ve filed tickets about this but never get anywhere. My game pet fortress lays below hundreds of never visited, never updated, less liked and favorited default starter image experiences if I search for the word “fortress” for example. In fact, theres at least 100 plus games above it that do not even have the word “fortress” anywhere in their descriptions or titles, including even some private experiences, yet will appear above my experience that uses it in many places.

You can see this feedback popup for many others - nonsensical search results, many people can’t even find others games when searching their exact title…


Roblox is currently working on Semantic Search along with combining Search & Discovery:

I’d assume these endeavors would fix some issues with keyword searching, but I guess we’ll have to see.

@megezkosh It’s been over a week now, and our game is still not showing up in search, unless we explicitly search the exact game title. If I search “tower” for example, despite being the 2nd largest tower game, our game is nowhere to be found.

Is it possible our game is blacklisted? Roblox has done this before with other experiences : Place fails to appear in Continue & Favorites - #13 by ilovemambo234

EDIT : Our game started appearing in search results about 30 minutes ago.

I absolutely despise how broken and hard it is to not find repetitive or cheap copies of Blade Ball or repetitive tycoons and roleplay games that are literally the same over and over again instead of unique and actually good games. Even getting your game to show on the home page, or just for it to appear when searching for it is painful. And this has been an issue for a while now. Because of this, all what i do is stare at the website all day and goof around with the avatar editor or mindlessly do stuff on the devforums

My position in search is lower than other experiences that are not related to the search whatsoever, and is also lower than games with basically 0 ccu :pensive:

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