Game Explorer consistently makes itself visible

After loading into any published place, the game explorer window always makes itself visible. Closing it only removes it for the session of editing you’re in. Once you close the place and open it again, it reappears.

I’m on macOS 10.13.1 using the most recent version of Studio.

This is what I’m talking about:
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I’ve noticed this as well. It’s somewhat annoying.

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Bump, this is still happening and is driving me nuts.


This is still happening and is insanely annoying. I don’t have any use for this window as the image uploader doesn’t give me assetId’s and I have no use for the places tab since our game doesn’t use Universes. If I close this window intentionally it means I don’t want it to be visible every time I open Studio.


@Silent137 is possible for you to give us an update on this? it’s been a very consistently annoying bug :frowning:


This is still happening :frowning:

This is still happening!

It is VERY annoying because I see this giant panel every time I load up studio!


It’s been almost a year since this became a thing! Does anybody even use the game window?


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I use it for a multiplace games I’m developing as its easier to double click on the place in the games tab (in studio) instead of going through the internet and scrolling to find the place I want to open.

This is still happening and it is very annoying.

It’s still happening to me too! Upon starting a session, it also overrides my Toolbox table.

Having to close game explorer every time I startup Studio was annoying enough - now I have to close game explorer, toolbox, AND resize all of my windows back to where they were last session. I’m going to loose my mind.