Game Explorer Image Asset IDs Broken



Within the game explorer section, there is an image folder where images are uploaded too. When I click copy ID to Clipboard it is now giving a strange ID like this: rbxassetid://3937933021278358380


I’ve noticed this because I do a lot of image uploading also requests a change where we could get asset IDs instead of names, it worked perfectly fine on my group team create, but then when on another place it would spit out long random IDs like the example from above.

I’ve also noticed that these random IDs are linked to nothing but they also changing each time I copy it across.

Check this gif out to see it happening:


Thanks, we’ll look into it.


It’s not about being offline or team create, I uploaded some new ones and after a while they worked fine. Then the latest ones I uploaded had the weird long IDs. Something to do with approval?


This issue has now been resolved. Thanks for the feedback!