Game Explorer resets window arrangement in Studio

‘Game Explorer’ and Studio window arrangement issue

Whenever I drag the Game Explorer window into a panel containing more than one window or widget (either on top of each other or arranged next-to/under each other). On next Studio launch or place open all the windows in the panel will disarrange themselves and either collapse or reset position in studio.

*Video displaying the issue

image *Game Explorer window
*RobloxStudio panel layout

Additional info

Reoccur rate: 100%

This issue can be reproduced every single time.

Current work around:

Never attach the ‘Game Explorer’ window to any panel.
Open/close it via the Views tab in the Ribbon bar for use and storage.

When has this issue started happening:

I can recall opening studio and having to rearrange my windows earlier this month, but I cannot recall if it was due to Game Explorer being attached to something.

Studio version:



The issue has been silently solved

I can no longer re-produce this issue as of date 2019-12-21T23:00:00Z.
I couldn’t find any mentions of this issue being fixed in the Release Notes, so it might have been solved before the mentioned date.

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