Game feedback "Brainrot Obby"

I was bored so i made this game. Little did i know that it will change my life forever. Since i played it iam a different person


This game made a sigma ohio skibidi rizzler. I recommend this. :+1:

(Now I am mentally ill.)

(Also did you know that this forum has a filter!?!?)


You gotta add subway surfers on the bottom of the screen, and like random other images that pop up every few seconds with deafening sound effects

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Whatever pays them bills! :man_shrugging:


where are the greedy PUPs on the side of the screen?


coincidentally from a game im working on called “brainrot simulator”

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My brain melted when I Played it

The game reached 9 visits, 9 lifes changed forever! I will update this game to bless yall with this beautifull obby