Game Feedback (cont)

Game Review

A little while back, I posted another feedback about this game, took in the suggestions, and now I want more feedback/testing. If you decide to play and suggest DO NOT suggest these:

  • Trading
  • Selling
  • Botfighters
  • Skins (only if they are generic, otherwise you can. Unique Example: banana sword)
  • New icon/thumbnail

These are already in the works/planned, suggest anything else other than the listed above. Also, you can report any bugs you may find in your gameplay. Thank you for reading!


Your game looks amazing! I love how you have gamepasses as well! I have a couple suggestions though. Maybe change the description by adding a description on the gameplay. Also you could remove the rules section of the description and add it into the game. I like the concept of the game though and there really isn’t that much I would change. Great Work! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback! I just changed the description to reflect the gameplay better.