Game feedback on a plane crash game

I made this game in two days. The builds are simple and lazy, but I want you guys to mostly focus on the effects and the coding. I just finished this game so there will be bugs of course. In the beginning, you will have to wait for the five minutes until the announcement is finished. (You will know what I’m talking about when you play the game). Yes I will try to make the announcement shorter. Anyways I hope you like the game!

Note: The game will not make sense without sound so I suggest turning it up

Game link:

Edit: wow guys I’ve never had a game that has more than 3 players in it thanks!

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The intro is really long and currently im still in the seat but its kept my attention so far

edit : got to the end and its was really awesome, i loved the effects when the plane was crashing

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Thank you for the feedback. I’m sorry for the wait, I would put in my own audio id however I can’t afford it :pensive:

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I believe some sort of runway or more scenery outside the window would be a great idea as for now only a grass field with some houses can be seen, overall great work.


I would say something after playing but I feel like my reactions in chat speak for themselves


I liked it, the intro was a bit long as someone said before but there were a lot of little details I found funny

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Yeah sadly I’m broke so I had to get the audio from the toolbox so my options were very limited. The two people that sit next to you have randomly generated short conversations. Also almost every fight passenger’s appearance is randomly generated by User ID.

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Why is there a child speaking as the pilot. The 8:45 PM is on the screen for way too long. Other than that its a good small game.

yeah I was very limited on audios

I… well… ok then, wow, I actually did not expect what happened to happen, a great job well done

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So… is that it? It’s been on the text “The Airplane Experience” for the past few minutes.

Glad you liked it! More details and stuff will be added to the game.

Oh yeah that’s the end of the game I should make it kick the player.

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Okay. It was a very short game. I think there should maybe be a bit more to it.

Lol I made it in three days, yes more stuff will be added soon but like the game isn’t meant to be long it’s more of an experience.

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you have an ASMR voice, but increase the loudness

This game has potential if you work harder on it and try to make it the best quality you can do, I would love to see this game grow. :grinning:

How do I professional say that I am dying of laughter at “ASMR voice”

This game isn’t in it’s final state so there’s lots to work on. I also wish I had the funding to sponsor the game :pensive: