Game Feedback (Sugar Rush)

Hey! I am a new Developer on Roblox and have just recently soft released a Candy based simulator.
So with the soft test release I have noticed our game play time is pretty decent, users are staying in-game for atleast 10-12 mins however are not making many purchases at all.

We have invested 15k on 3 different platforms to see what platform it is suitable for most, and have come to the conclusion of Tablet. These users are clearly enjoying the game, but not making any purchases; the game isn’t too hard but not too easy either, progress is faster with using gamepasses ofcourse.
The main issue is the monetization , we are planning out on adding more ‘Robux eggs’ but wonder what else could help us make better profit off of this.
Here is the game link please feel free to leave suggestions and any techniques/tips that may help us


Very good. I can see you did amazing job. Music fits with style, map is large and decorated, smooth and clean. Good luck in future development.

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Great work on your game. I can tell that lots of hard work and effort has been put into this game which is always nice to see. The graphics are amazing, gameplay is very progression based (which appeals to many players), and the overall feel is very nice.

As far as your question goes, I personally believe that your monetization strategy isn’t the issue, but the design of your game is. Last time I checked out your game, it had around 70 players, which isn’t much if you want to make back the thousands of robux you spent back on investment (and is definitely not enough if you want to make a profit). Your game is certainly above average, but there’s a couple of things that could be done to boost popularity and profit.

For example, at the start of your game, players are thrown into the world without much explanation. Of course, it’s easy to tell that it’s a simulator and that you probably need to use the starter tool to start progressing along the game, but it’s not easy to sort out all of the upgraders and shops that are around spawn. Features such as “double jumping to reach higher islands” were things I didn’t even know about until I accidentally double tapped the space bar. If you want better player immersion, I’d suggest making these kinds of features less cluttered and slowly introduce them to people. Maybe add a leveling system where as you level up, new features are unlocked and introduced to the player instead of having everything thrown at them at once? Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, there’s plenty of other things you and your group could look over but the key takeaway is to focus on improving your game design to get more players. You certainly have all the basics down and the gameplay is there, but there’s just some polishing that needs to be done. You and your team can definitely go over this. Don’t worry about monetization because that comes naturally with a game that has a high player count.

Good luck! There’s high potential in your game :slightly_smiling_face:


Some of the UI aren’t centred for example the settings, trades, codes, credits and when it pops saying would you like to sell. Other than that the game is great, although maybe add a tutorial of some sort, although the games concept is easy to grasp, some players may not know what to do and may leave resulting in less playtime and less players in general.

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Thanks alot , this is really helpful. We had around 200 players, we were left with 70 after the sponsors ran out. I like the your idea of leveling up to unlock other features however it will be hard to implement in as we have already released the game to players so we won’t be able to reset data . However this is something we can implement into the higher up Islands like new currencies that will be available to players after reaching a certain point. We can defo look into adding levels, that gives players more motivation to get onto leaderboards = higher player time!

I also understand the whole thrown into the world typa thing you said, we will definitely add a mini skip able tutorial for players to know what to do and where all the main locations are.

Overall thanks a lot for your time & effort

Thankyou! I will look into this.