Game forces players to teleport to game?

Most of the time, players will be sent to a different game, then sent back to my game. I do not get teleported but I do get an error saying it couldnt teleport me. The game won’t tell me what script its trying to teleport from. The only error says “raiseTeleportInitFailedEvent: Teleport failed because This game has not been approved, yet. (Unauthorized)”.

Teleport Error:


I’ve checked every script in my game, and used Shift+Control+F to find anything that says Teleport in my game with no luck.

I don’t no how to fix this.


game is linked here:!/about

I checked their discord and its someone impersonating BuilderMan and you can’t remove it.

You got a viruis hidden in your scripts. Most of them use require()

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i’ve checked every script of mine, I can’t find it. I did however find the owners discord server, who openly admits that you cannot remove it and that it’s a virus.

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It could also be a pulgin infection

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I’ll check for those, if you got any other ideas please tell me.

Maybe this solution from another post can help you

Check your plugins and all scripts for require, getfenv, and other loading strings. You have a backdoor in your game. This happened because you used an infected free model or a malicious plugin. The people that made the loading scam (builderman and snape as they go by) are also the owners of doggo admin and both of those are loaded together, meaning someone who has purchased doggo admin has access to the server side.

And regarding your previous attempt, you are not going to find a backdoor by searching for teleport or marketplaceservice. All of these backdoors use loaders which you can look for using the methods I put above.

I believe I found it, and it seems its a plugin from someone else on the dev team. We had a problem with it awhile ago but it never teleported us. Might be new. I’ll have him check his plugins again.