Game genres on Roblox

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I already did I post like this but it was in the wrong category. I also know that there are posts like mine, but I wanted to do this for updating the interests of players

Anyway, what is the “best” game genre at the moment? What game genre do you recommend for a developer’s first game?

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Just do the one you most like. Its not like you need to fit into the trend, any genre can make a game popular if its well made or innovate.

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Roleplay is probably the most popular genre right now. But I recommend a tycoon or simulator for a developer’s first game.

About game genres…

My Opinion

Search by game genre has already been removed… I’m not really sure about game genre.

But for game genres, you have to build a unique one.

A game that’s concept is not too popular and unique to other games.

With a great concept, people will start to play your game and it can become popular.

Popular Genres

  • Roleplay

Too common and a lot of it are boring. But if you can develop a unique one, like Royale High, for me the game Royale High has blown my mind because it’s such a unique concept of a roleplay game that it’s just unbelieveable to believe that a roleplay game is so freaking good.

Roleplay games are usually played by minors (people under 13, kids) but for me, as i get older, i am noticing that roleplay games are actually boring.

So i suggest not to make a game with roleplay genre.

  • Simulator

Most developers are making simulators these days. For me, simulators just go UP (trends for a while) and then the game dies fast.

I suggest not to make simulators.

  • Shooter games

Shooter games are getting popular these days, especially Arsenal. Shooter games are actually pretty good, a lot of people on roblox love shooting games especially the 13+ users.

I’m not really sure about shooter games, there has been a lot of shooter games but not that popular and underdeveloped…

I suggest you to make a shooter game, but i’m only 25% sure tho…


Before you developed in roblox, you have probably played roblox right? Of all the games you have played, you can analyze what aspects of the game that is unique, you can do a research by playing a lot of roblox games and just write it down what is unique, collect the aspects after you are sure you have done enough research, you can mix all the aspects and research again to make the perfect game, and then you can make a game with a really good concept, and definitely will be popular.

Good luck! :tada:

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Thanks for all who replied! I’m planning to make a FPS game, but nevermind.