Game I made that saves what you've built globally

Hey so I made a game that stores everything built into a single save, it was quite the fun technical challenge!
It has some really cool builds

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The gameplay of the game was not something i put much weight on when making the game, i just wanted to make something where you can build anything and explore what others have built, whilst giving the player freedom to do whatever they want really (except for griefing and breaking roblox TOS). I didn’t want to make a generic plot building game, those already exist.

Let me know what you think of it!


Cool game! I think it’s a good idea, and if you keep developing, it has a future.

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The only issue you may run into is that if someone builds something inappropriate your game or account might be deleted.
At least with other plot building games you can trace who is in the game, and people can identify whose plot has inappropriate stuff on it.

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seems like a cool game!!! i hope it can get a little community. creative games like this are nice


You can hover your mouse over a block to see who placed it. A pro with only having 1 map and server is that you dont have to moderate multiple servers at the same time, its just one map.

I feel like this is a great idea, but you’re going to have to worry about users breaking TOS. I’ve seen similar drawing games to this, and have seen inappropriate content drawn/written by unruly users. Maybe consider making a vote kick or reporting system with the game (Roblox doesn’t always terminate your account right away)

There is already a vote kick system in the game. And there are already mods. Have you tested the game?

No, but I just got this error:

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I don’t understand what this has to do with moderation. It’s clearly a data store error, probably because you’ve never played the game before. I get them in my games all the time.


No, it doesn’t have to do with moderation, I was just posting it for the developer to see. Why would I post it otherwise?

I have got the same exact error. 4 times in a row. What’s going on here?

So what happens when you exceed the number of players in a game and 2 games are open?
Would one game show new parts added in the other game?

As i said above, moderation shouldnt be an issue in this game, compared to other games. There is just 1 server and map to moderate, and there is votekick which bans you for an hour, and you can see who placed / deleted blocks. And a pro with having an open world like this is that anyone can delete rule breaking stuff

I’m sorry about this, it’s fixed now. It was a really stupid error. Signs can only contain normal characters, excluding { and }. Now, how do you think i told the user that? I put that exact sentence on the sign of course! The reason signs cant contain { and } is because they are used in saving, the compression algorithm can only take in normal english characters and punctuation, and the datastore uses { and } to serialize data.

So the main server is a reserved server. And there can only be one of these reserved servers at a time. If it gets full, i plan on adding a queue system so its first come first serve. Right now you would just have to rejoin until someone in the main server leaves.

This is awesome! With work I think it could become big, I think you just add a feature that allows you to claim land so others don’t take all of it. Also, you might want to invest in a way to make infinite terrain.

Adding land claim is something I don’t think i should add, one of the major points about this game is how free it is, anyone can build anywhere. If i were to add land claiming, it would become really quite similar to any other building game. But at the same time i get your point, getting griefed is really annoying, but then you might as well play another game with plots or something. A game like this has upsides and downsides.

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