Game Icon does not show on Mobile (and perhaps Tablet)

I had uploaded an icon about a week ago and it showed on mobile and PC (I do not have access to other platforms). I released the game today, uploaded a new icon, and ran sponsored ads.

I’ve noticed that the icon never loaded into the mobile platform (and given the poor CTR on tablet, I suspect the same is happening there). It’s been a few hours now and all I see is a grey-blank screen instead of the icon (other users have confirmed this as well) on mobile.

PC has some issues occasionally, as the icon shows in my Group Creations tab.

The icon showed a little while ago (maybe an hour or so ago), but now it went back to grey on mobile and it’s also blank on the group page on PC again. It’s still going back and forth. Mostly grey icon and sometimes it shows, and then grey again for a few hours.

My ad run is over and a lot of players couldn’t see the icon and wouldn’t have clicked.

Image 1

and “Sponsored Games” tab

Image 2

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.20.59 AM

as well as when I see the ad. On my main group page however, the icon does not show.

Image 3

Here is the game link:

I too have had this issue, a way I fixed it is just to re-upload it. This always seems to work for me, hope you fix it!

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I was afraid it would take even longer if I upload a new icon, but after a couple of tries, it loaded properly.

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