Game Icon Feedback

would this game icon interest you to join the game?


oh snap i didnt even mean it to resemble… i apologize

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Ah much better Id join the game.

Love the GFX, but the text isn’t too good.

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I like the overall concept however you should try to include more props in the scene, giving information on what the game is really about it’ll give players a little sneak peek at what they will expect to see when playing a medieval game like this. It seems like a decent sort of game however not much is being shown in the background.

If you’re familiar with the medieval theme: you will see a lot of medieval icons feature warfare. You could make the font bigger and give certain letters a different design that will fill a bit of the empty bottom, giving a more better appearance the current one looks fine I would highly recommend scaling it more.

Otherwise, it’s pleasing to the eye and unique. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything in this is a 10/10, but I have to say is this in Europe or Asia because those hats are Asian but the guy standing there is dressed like some medieval European person

I’m not sure if you were going for 100% historical accuracy, but those farmers are dressed more like asian farmers and the man dressed as a king is dressed more like an european king, the houses from what i see look very european too, european farmers had a different way of dressing, you can find it in medieval paintings.
Obviously not everyone would notice it but I think it would be a really cool feedback.
Also I would darken the sky behind the text even more because someone with a visual impairment could struggle at reading it.

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The icon is pretty good, mostly, but the lifted leg on the king looks weird.

This is a great concept, but I don’t think it would work well as an icon. Maybe a thumbnail?

I also don’t think the typeface really captures the audience’s attention. Maybe try exploring with other typefaces?

yes the game icon seems very interesting so i would join, but as someone mentioned before you should edit the text, the font itself is fine but maybe you could make it bigger? or lower the blur radius for the text?

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Here’s the thoughts I had looking at the icon:

  • It seemed ever so slightly strange that everyone has their backs turned to the viewer. It’s almost as though you’re there, but you’re of no greater importance than the serfs in the foreground. Perhaps that’s what you’re going for, though…

  • Naturally, my attention was directed to the king, as he is closest, largest, and clearest-looking object in this scene. However, beyond the king, everything else is incredibly blurry.

  • Several others mentioned the conical hats on the farmers, so I’ll say nothing more on that topic.

  • Based on the icon: there’s no visible weapons; no combat; no eye-catching, exciting action of any sort going on; and it’s raining, and nobody’s looking at you. From what I can tell, this is a Roblox-style roleplay… and a darn gloomy one, at that. If that’s not what the game is like, then perhaps some modifications are due.

I hope this helped!

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