Game Icon I made

I am currently working on a new game. It’s called Wizard War and you compete as a Wizard against other players. The player with the most kills wins the round. The game is not playable yet, but will be released soon.
Please give me some feedback on the Icon I made and if I should use the first or the second


Which icon should I use?
  • 1
  • 2

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For some reason, second option looks more thrilling whilst first option looks like any normal plain boring day.

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I like number 1 it is much clearer to see everything than number 2.
Thats Just my opion though.

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The text might be hard to see when viewed from far away as an icon. I recommend you make it larger and perhaps more centered.

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2nd one looks really nice, the lighting effect is really nice especially with purple it looks more like a magical theme. Good stuff!


i think purple represents magic a little more

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The text one number two is a bit harder to see, and the head in both looks slightly off-centered. I prefer number two though.

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It’s hard to vote. Option one insinuates a more open and vibrant tone, while option two seems grittier and darker.