Game Icon review

Much better

I finally ended up with this which looks pretty cool. Do you have any other suggestions?

This game icon looks great! Nice job on it! It looks very realistic with the graphics/lighting for Roblox. The logo does look attractive which is nice.

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bro thats alot better but u should definitely make the text style like what the mrfluffywaffles guy sent up there and maybe add a nicer background


Hello there! :wave:

I hope my opinion on this helps you improve for the future.

  • I know this is a slight error with Roblox faces but there is a rig that helps the faces on rigs more HD which could help produce more of a quality.

  • Although the coloring is good, if you use Photoshop I recommend using some color grading just to give it that saturation it needs.

  • I like the pose the character is in it reminds me of a medieval pose which is amazing for a GFX like this one.

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