Game Icon taking too long to upload


The icon is 512x512 just like the wiki stated but I have waited 10 min for it to upload and it is still on this page.

Am I doing something wrong?



That’s the rejected icon. Try reuploading it with a pixel changed.


I have but it still takes forever to load




Should prob move this to #moderation-review-requests


Not really. No image was posted and the intent of the thread was not to get something reviewed.


This is the image I was going to upload

dont judge pls


That’s strange, I don’t see any unreadable text.


Maybe the mod clicked the wrong reason in the drop down and it was something else?

If I was rushing, I would see that shading on the legs as something else.


ROBLOX often moderates certain images when they did not necessary break any rules, and it is expectable when they are working with such a large player base. You should probably get the image reviewed by a moderator whether it is through the support email or the devforum team. If you really think it did not break any of the rules, you can always change some of the pixels on the image and re-upload it, which is usually the advice that ROBLOX support will give you if there is nothing wrong with the image.


I realised I had some unreadable text, i removed it