Game idea about fixing computer

So I got randomly an idea about making a game where you fix computer.

Your computer is diagnosed with a flaw. You are going to try to fix it and you will be given various endings. Some of them are easy, some of them… hahah… Aren’t easy whatsoever, and you can be attempting doing that for an hour.

Why did I got the idea?
  • I heard you can setup your computer in Jim’s computer, but the gameplay isn’t that much about the computer whatsoever.
  • I have a problem with my computer and I am trying to fix it for 2 years. The way you need to do research and to actually, make the fix happen made me kind of interested…
And why to play the game?


  • Each time you join/rejoin, your computer will have a new diagnosis…
  • Without trying to harm your machine, boom! Simulation of a broken machine without breaking yourmachine!
  • If you mess up, nothing will happen to your real machine!


  • There are bugs that will not be able to be fixed, since it’s a video game.
  • Simulation might not be perfect
  • Fixes and codes might be fictional and cannot be able to fix your machine.
So what do you think?
  • The idea is good!
  • The idea is good, but I am sceptic about the realization…
  • The idea is bad.
  • The idea is Horrible!

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The poll seems to end up a tie… Because I do not know if I have to realise it, here is the new poll:

Should I realise it?
  • Yes
  • No

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This sounds like a cool game idea! I think it would be fun, actually.

Excited to see what you do with this!


Alright imma do it then…

My first steps:


This can be educational and fun.

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Well… Sorry to tell you, but… Uhhh, let’s say that:

Update on the project.